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Hope Deepblue A/C was established in 1997, which is the largest LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump manufacturer in West China. Deepblue is engaged in the fields of air conditioning, refrigeration, district heating and industrial waste heat utilization. Products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions so far.

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Project cases

Practical application

Baotou Rare Aluminium Thermal Power Station

  • Project location: Baotou, Inner Mongolia
  • Equipment selection: 2 unit 31.63MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump, 1 unit 68MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump.
  • Main function: District heating
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Monterey University, Mexico Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

  • Project location: Mexico
  • Equipment selection: 1 unit 1050kW and 1 unit 700kW direct fired absorption chiller.
  • Main feature: University air conditioning
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Qian'an Jiujiang Coking Project

  • Project location: Hebei, Qian'an
  • Equipment selection: 5 unit 830*104kcal/h steam fired LiBr absorption chiller.
  • Main function: Make production process cooling water
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Wuhai Civic Center, Inner Mongolia

  • Location: Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia
  • Selection of equipment: 1163kW solar thermal oil absorption chiller with natural gas as back-up.
  • Main function: Cooling and heating
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